********SPOILER ALERT********

Normally we would never consider asking you to click away from HNGN to go elsewhere but we really must insist, if you haven't watched this past Sunday's episode of "True Blood" you're not going to want to keep reading. Not only are there scary stories about Vampires and Werewolves but there are even more frightening spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

After last week's episode of "True Blood" it was apparent that somebody was about to die. With Pam and Eric about to face off against each other with stakes and Sookie getting drowned by the ghost of her father things were looking bleak. Although nothing is ever as it seems in Bon Temps and within the first five minutes of the episode everything was fine for those characters. Then, just as you start to breathe a sigh of relief....BOOM. People die.

The sadder of the two deaths belonged to Terry. This one was pretty easy to see coming, Terry did ask a friend of his to kill him after all. Before his death Terry paid a visit to Lafayette to give him the key to his safety deposit box, a safety deposit box that Arlene had no idea existed when Lafayette spilled the beans to her. Finally they come up with the idea that Terry won't be so mopey anymore if they have a vampire glamour him and get rid of all of the bad memories. So for his last couple of scenes Terry is happy and go lucky, things seem like they are going to be on the up and up.

Then he takes a sniper bullet to the neck. It was really sad to see Terry go. Part of what makes "True Blood" such a well done show is that the death of even the most minor characters leaves some sort of emotional impact on the audience. Terry was never a central character and often just comic relief but people are lying if they didn't get a little misty eyed when Arlene was holding up his head as he passed last night.

The other bid death last night was a lot less expected. Bill decides that he's got to do something to make sure his vision of all of the vampires in a white room burning to death doesn't come true. Instead of concocting an intricate plan to Bill just goes full steam ahead. He drinks some of Warlow's blood and goes outside. The blood makes it so he doesn't burn. Then he storms over to the governor's, kills all of his guards by making them shoot each other and bites the governor in the neck.

For a split second you think that Bill is going to turn the governor but his plans are a bit more gruesome than that, he rips off the governor's head.

So now that the governor is no more who is going to pick up the slack? It definitely looked like Sarah Newlin might have been the one calling the shots anyway so expect her to take the reins as the main villain from here on out.

While Sam managed to keep himself alive it looks like he won't be around much anymore. At the behest of Nicole Sam decided to return Emma to her grandmother. This seemed like a pretty good idea if for no other reason than her grandmother won't let her eat the world's grossest snack, Funyuns. Alcide shows up just after Emma has left and looks ready to rip Sam's head off. He relents but banishes Sam from the area, which sadly for us means that he's most likely gone from the show for a while.

Things got super crazy in Vamp Camp as Eric, Willa and a dying Nora are midway through breaking out when the episode ended. On their way out they discovered that the governor did not decide to re-release Tru Blood out of the kindness of his heart, he is poisoning all of it in an effort to kill all of the vampires. Expect Eric and crew to do something about this once they find their way to the outside.

As things ramp up as we pass the mid-point of the season expect there to be a bit more carnage in Bon Temps. It'll be very interesting to see what exactly happened with Sookie and Warlow after they consummated their relationship with that weird glowing light thing. Will Sookie finally become a vampire after all these years? What kind of havoc is Jason going to cause now that he has infiltrated the Vamp Camp? And how many vampires are going to die from the new Tru Blood?