Jasper and Jasmine the dogs are getting ready to wed in Melbourne's first pug wedding this May!

The two pug lovers met in April 2013 at the Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. while they were both suffering from morbid obesity, having trouble breathing, dental discomfort, and trouble seeing. 

Jasper and Jasmine spent quite some time together at the rescue's "pudgy-puggy bootcamp" to shed their weight. Their eye sight was fixed through a partnership with Animal Eye Care and their teeth were fixed through a partnership with Knox Vet Clinic. 

Since the two pugs supported each other through the whole process - much like any other romantic couple - the rescue decided it would be best to find an adoptive family that would take them both together. 

The rescue said it took seven months, but they finally found the perfect family!

The pug couple have been "dating" for the last seven years through their journey and will be wed during a highly advertised fundraiser hosted by the rescue. 

Jasper and Jasmine's wedding is such a big deal that the bash will be bigger than a lot of human weddings. 

The ceremony will take place at a pavilion in front of a beach while Jasmine dons a dress made especially for her by a Melbourne-based couture gown designer. She, of course, will be accompanied at the alter with her groom and pug bridal party. 

At the wedding there will be a pug treat bar as well as drinks and cake for the human guests. There will also be a silent auction to raise money for other rescued pugs like the couple being honored.