Talia Joy Castellano Funeral: Facebook Fans Start #alittlefishyproject in Honor of YouTube Sensation's Burial

By  Jul 19, 2013 02:54 PM EDT
A Little Fishy ProjectTalia JoyA Little Fishy ProjectA Little Fishy ProjectA Little Fishy ProjectA Little Fishy ProjectA Little Fishy Project

Talia Joy Castellano died on Tuesday; after a six-year long battle with cancer, she was laid to rest on Thursday.

The 13-year-old YouTube makeup artist inspired millions around the world, leaving behind a legacy that is raising awareness for child cancer research.

Supporters of Talia started a Facebook hashtag called #alittlefishyproject. Fans remember the bubbly teen by drawing a fish on their wrists and posting a photo with the hashtag.

Her family has asked Talia's followers to continue supporting her favorite charity, BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.

Balloons were released with messages to Talia inside. (Photo: Facebook)
Balloons were released with messages to Talia inside. (Photo: Facebook)

Below is the statement released by Talia's family on her official Facebook page:

Talia's service today was so touching. She looked simply beautiful and perfectly peaceful. She looked... well, like Talia... Over the last few months while Talia was in the hospital, when Talia knew she would soon pass, she got her "girls" together and told them how she wanted her service down to the last detail.

She told them how she wanted her makeup, nails, hair, what she wanted to wear, what perfume she wanted to have on and especially what she wanted to go in her casket to stay with her little body once she was laid to rest, mostly makeup and her COVERGIRL plaque. She was very specific about the photos, music, balloons and was adamant that no one was to wear black or purple, lol.

Desiree, Mattia, Tammy, Lea and Urbana did her makeup, nails and dressed her sweet little body in the makeup and nail polish she picked out and the clothes she, herself designed. Talia would have absolutely loved the way she looked and would not have had it any other way.

The venue was the perfect size, each one of the family and friends who got up to speak told a personal story about how Talia touched their heart, all the photos around the room and on the slide show were beautiful, the flowers and candles glowed and filled the room with light, the pink, green and turquoise balloons that we wrote messages and secrets on to let go into the peaceful sky at the end flew high.

We then went to the cemetery where the rest of the family joined for a traditional Jewish burial. The Rabbi's message was so powerful and strong and the prayers brought much needed peace.

 It was a hard day, but went so well. We know Talia orchestrated this before she left and then from above to be just perfect. Fly high baby girl and know that your service and ceremony was beautiful, just like you would have wanted it. We all love and miss you dearly.

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