The European Union Wednesday joined the United States in its call for the release of Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi  from detention as thousands of pro-and-anti-Morsi protesters marched into the streets across the country.

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who was in Egypt on Wednesday, met with Egypt's military backed interim leaders and urged the release of Morsi if there were no charges against him, according to Aljazeera.

 "I believe he should be released. I was assured he is well. I would have liked to see him," said Ashton expressing regret that she couldn't meet the ousted president.

The U.S. earlier this week called upon the Egyptian authorities to release Morsi from detention.

"An inclusive and sustainable democracy where all sectors of society, where all Egyptian people are fully represented, will represent all sides.  And we feel that includes of course the Muslim Brotherhood and other representatives that have been detained," said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Dozens of people have lost their lives in several clashes that broke out between the pro and-anti-Morsi protesters in the country and the call for freeing of Morsi has been made apparently in fear of more fatal clashes in the coming days.

Pro-Mohamed Morsi protesters including his Muslim Brotherhood members have already rejected the interim government and are demanding Morsi's reinstatement.

Mohamed Morsi has been in detention since he was ousted by the military on July 3 following massive protests demanding his resignation.

Both E.U. foreign policy chief and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, during their visits to the country,  have urged Egypt's new military-backed government to hand over power to a "democratically elected civilian government."