McDonald's Monopoly kicked off on Tuesday, giving customers the chance to win prizes from apple pie's to $1 million by getting both Park Place and Boardwalk.

"Our customer's favorite promotion, Monopoly at McDonald's, is still going strong. With cash, Fiat vehicles, trips to the Super Bowl, the Beats by Dre Pill, and your chance to win a $1 million prize on a Big Mac, this summer will be more fun than ever at McDonald's!" the fast food restaurant explained in a statement about the sweepstakes.

How exactly does the McDonald's Monopoly sweepstakes work? Every time a customer purchases certain items at McDonald's over the next couple weeks - any one of 26 different menu items - they will be given a stamp to peel which reveals a prize underneath.

Cash prizes will range from $50 to $1 million and there are 500 Fiat vehicles up for grabs as well. However, the chances of actually winning the $1 million cash prize is very small. According to Yahoo Finance, the odds of winning that prize are approximately 1 in 3,050,412,898.

Meanwhile, the chances of winning fries  is 1 in 9, a breakfast sandwich 1 in 22 or a quarter pounder with cheese, McCafe or Smoothie, or McFlurry are all 1 in 44.

While you'll probably be happy with an instant prize, you're probably more hopeful for something bigger, like money or Super Bowl tickets. Yahoo broke down the odds of winning those prizes as well.

The McDonald's Monopoly pieces will appear on many menu favorites, such as the BicMac, chicken McNuggets, Large Fries, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and others. Click here for the full list of products.