The Jodi Arias murder trial captivated America more and more with every graphic detail that came out about the night that Arias stabbed and shot her former lover Travis Alexander. Despite every hour of the lengthy trial being shown on television and certain highlights, specifically the phone sex conversation between Arias and Alexander, being shown on cable news shows countless times there were still many contentious moments that were not shared with the public, until now, according to the Arizona Republic.

During the trial Judge Sherry Stephens kept all of her sidebars with the attorneys sealed from the public record. Judge Stephens also used a white noise machine to make sure that the video feed did not pick up on what was being said by the attorneys. For a short time the records were unsealed and obtained by the Arizona Republic.

The records show that the demeanor between the prosecution and the defense was quite acrimonious during the five-month long trial. During most of the arguments prosecutor Juan Martinez is attempting to throw as much as possible at Arias while defense attorney Jennifer Wilmott does her part to prevent him from doing so, reports the Arizona Republic.

The release of the transcripts sheds more light on aspects of the trial that the public was not told the entire story about initially. On the last day of the trial a witness for the defense refused to testify because she told the court that she had received death threats. Now that the transcript of a sidebar has been released it appears as if there may have been more reasons than just the death threats that the witness wasn't called upon, according to the Arizona Republic.

"Martinez could be heard in a sidebar as he detailed the cards he was going to play against her had she taken the stand. She had a drug problem, he said, she seemed high during an interview, she might not have the claimed income from photographs she sold to a television and could be in violation of welfare regulations." - From the Arizona Republic

Other bits include Martinez wanting to introduce "big picture" issues that showed bizarre behavior that Arias exhibited prior to the crime, including sleeping under Alexander's Christmas tree and allegedly slashing his tires.

Arias was eventually convicted of murdering Alexander although she has yet to be sentenced. Once it was determined that she could face the death penalty a jury was unable to decide upon a sentence. A retrial of the penalty phase of the case is expected to begin on July 18 but could be delayed as the defense has claimed that they are not ready and have scheduling conflicts.