The home that Kurt Cobain spent his formative years at in Aberdeen, Wash. is up for sale again.

The listing on has the 1,522 square-foot property being offered at $400,000, and notes that the four bedroom home offers a "once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history." 

Just two years ago, the home was up sale and listed at $500,000, according to It was up for that price because Kurt's mother and sister hoped that the potential buyer would turn the property into a museum, according to Pitchfork.

The average listing for a home in Aberdeen is $100,000, according to SeattlePi, which helps explains why it has never been sold.

The Cobain family moved to the home when Kurt was two, in 1969, and he left for the first time when his parents split seven years later. He moved back as a teenager and, before leaving permanently when he turned 20, recorded a demo which part of was used on Nirvana's debut "Bleach." 

Check out the photos from the listing below, which include Cobain's bedroom.