A Florida man left his lawyer dumbfounded when he showed up at his office with the body of the man he confessed to killing, The Fort Myers News-Press reported.

John Marshall, of Bokeelia, drove to his lawyer's office Wednesday with the body of his neighbor he said he killed in self-defense, according to his lawyer, Robert Harris. Lee County sheriffs arrived at the scene and hours later Harris announced his client will not be charged, however police have yet to confirm that information.

"It's the cleanest-cut case of self-defense I've ever seen," Harris told the News Press.

According to his lawyer, Marshall was involved in a dispute with the victim, Ted Hubbell, over property work in Bokeelia, the nature of which is unclear. Harris said Marshall called him several days ago and said he feared for his safety.  

On Wednesday afternoon Hubbell, who was apparently armed, got into a scuffle with Marshall, who ended up wrestling the gun away from Hubbell before shooting him dead.

The 52-year-old placed Hubbell's body in the back of his pickup truck and drove 30 miles to Harris' office. He showed up at the law firm in Fort Myers at 4 p.m. with a busted lip, a missing tooth and another chipped tooth. Both of his thumbs were also apparently broken.

"I believe he's in shock- probably now still," Harris told the newspaper late Wednesday. "He's still breathing heavy. He's looking like a man who lost the world."

According to Lee County property records, a person named Theodore Hubbell Jr. owns a house across the street from Marshall's residence on Hodges Drive, the newspaper reported.

Police only commented to say they are still investigating the incident. Marshall has a charge pending against him for assault with a weapon, but it is not clear what happened.

As for Harris, he said he never had a client drive to his office with a body.  

"They don't teach you about this in law school," he said. "I believe we've handled ourselves correctly, but I'm a little in shock myself."