Space travel is no excuse for a bad hair day as a newly released video from astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates how to look fabulous in zero gravity conditions.

Nyberg, 43, is the only female aboard the International Space Station, and the longest hair of all the crew members.

In the no-gravity environment of the ISS, Nyberg's lets her blonde hair roam freely as she demonstrates how to wash her hair. Her locks stand straight up above her head, similar to the famous troll-doll-style.

All the supplies she needs to wash her hair are velcroed to the wall to keep them from floating about, making the process as easy as possible.

There is no running water in space, so Nyberg has to use a bag of warm water to rinse her hair. In the video, you can see water dropplets floating into the air.

Once finished rinsing her hair, she applies a no-rinse shampoo and usings a comb to work the product through her long locks. Though it is a no-rinse shampoo, Nyberg says it works best for her if she squirts more hot water to remove the dirt from her hair.

After she completes wetting her hair a second time, she takes a towel and scrubs to remove what ever dirt may be left. Nyberg does not have access to a conventional hair dryer, so she lets her hair float until it dries.

Though it is interesting to see Nyberg's space hair washing skills, at the end of the video she explains what will happen to the water she used to clean her hair.

The water from her hair becomes humidity in the air, and the condensation is collected by the ISS air-conditioning system. The system then processes the water and will turn it into drinking water for the crew.

Check out Nyberg's three-minute tutorial below.