The next big up-and-coming artist stands out from the rest - mainly because he's not even human. 

Newman the rescue dog was taught by his human to paint as a way to release his energy during the winter when it was too cold to run around outside, reported WDAZ 8, an ABC affiliate. 

"When it's too cold to go for a walk outside we'll work on little tricks," Kaydi Grunhovd, Newman's human who lives with him in Minnesota, told WDAZ 8. 

Newman paints on a canvas with actual paintbrushes in his home. Grunhovd trained him to paint slowly, she explained to WDAZ 8.

Grunhovd first taught Newman to hold the brush in his mouth. Once he mastered that, she introduced the canvas. After he learned how to touch the brush to the canvas she finally added the paint. 

"It's different every time he touches the canvas with a different brush. It's a different kind of stroke on the canvas or a different blop," Grunhovd told WDAZ 8. 

Some of Newman's paintings come out so well that Grunhovd started selling them on Etsy to raise money to donate to help rescue dogs like Newman. 

The Etsy page, called Newmansoriginals, only opened on Feb. 23 and already made 12 sales.