President of Bolivia Evo Morales returned to his home country on Thursday, after his jet was forced to land in Austria amid rumors that the politician was illegally transporting Edward Snowden.

Now, the South American leader is firing on the United States, claiming that American-issued command to ground his private plane was unwarranted and pointless.

"Message to the Americans: The empire and its servants will never be able to intimidate or scare us," Morales said at El Alto International Airport outside La Paz on Wednesday. "European countries need to liberate themselves from the imperialism of the Americans."

According to CNN, France, Spain Portugal and Italy all denied President Morales and his plane the allowance to fly through their airspace once they heard that Snowden could have been on board.

The crew then landed in Vienna, Austria, and lingered there for almost 14 hours while government officials searched the aircraft.

During a rally in Bolivia on Thursday evening, Morales, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura, discussed the shutdown of the nation's American embassy.

He claimed he wouldn't blink twice at getting rid of the entire assemblage of ambassadors as well.

"Without the United States, we are better politically and democratically," he said.

Morales also maintained that his indigenous lineage has rendered him a main target.

"What happened during these days is not a coincidence, not a mistake like some governments say," he stated during the assembly. "It is part of a policy to continue intimidating the Bolivian people and Latin America. Our sin is being indigenous and anti-imperialist."

Since the grounding of President Morales' plane, other South American nations have stepped forward with demands for reparation.

The leaders of Argentina, Ecuador, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela met up with Morales in Cochabamba, Bolivia, on Thursday to analyze their next moves.

They all agreed that an apology was in order from the countries that did not allow President Morales to fly over their land.

"We demand the government of France, Portugal, Italy and Spain issue the necessary public apology in relation to this serious incident," a statement they drafted and released together read.

The Obama administration was not available for comment, CNN reported.