Maggie Q is spilling the beans on her engagement to fiancé and "Stalker" co-star Dylan McDermott.

After months of speculation, the former "Nikita" star finally confirmed that she is engaged to the 53-year-old actor, whom she calls her best friend and said she is very much in love with him. 

"This is a person that I wake up laughing with," the actress told E! News about McDermott. "Truly, in the first few moments of waking up in the morning. So I think the most important thing is you gotta marry your best friend at the end of the day. If they're not your best friend, I don't know what you're doing."

Without getting into details about their proposal, the actress stated, "I'll tell you this much, he told me that we were gonna be married, which I think is so funny. Because he says, 'You can't ask Maggie because you can't take the risk of Maggie saying no.'"

"It felt very peaceful. You know when your spirit, your physiology, is at peace when you think about a life with somebody. I think that's most important."

The couple met on the set of Kevin Williamson's CBS drama "Stalker" and became engaged in Jan. 2014 after four months of dating. When it comes to planning her wedding, the 35-year-old actress said she has handed over that responsibility to those closest to her.

"I was never the person who was going to get married," she confessed. "My day, when it comes, is going to be a mish-mosh of the love of all my friends contributing from their experience and what they want on the day for me, because I'm really, really not a wedding person. I'm surrounded by so much love and so many people who care about us in such a real way and they're kinda helping guide me through it."

So, what exactly does it take to get a woman like Maggie Q?

"I work around a lot of handsome men, and it doesn't matter to me," she stated. "You can be handsome. Great. You can congratulate your parents. You didn't earn handsome! But there's a lot you can earn in addition to obviously being someone you can laugh with, it has to be someone who has an extraordinary heart. That's very important to me. I was lucky to find that."