A cat found frozen in snow and ice on the side of a New York road was rescued and nursed back to health.

"I thought I saw a big ball of dirty snow, but then it moved so I went over to it," rescuer Robert James Poulter told ABC News of his discovery.

"I brushed the snow off and I was shocked to see that there was cat, and it was breathing. I literally peeled the cat off the road, covering its body with my jacket. I brought it to my car to warm it up when it suddenly jumped over my shoulder and hopped into the backseat. He's pretty friendly. He didn't bite."

Since Poulter's discovery, the cat has been staying at Little Brook Farm, an animal rescue facility where Poulter volunteers. 

The cat was brought in on Feb. 12 and is already showing significant improvements, farm owner Lynn Cross told ABC News. 

The search for the cat's owner ended late Friday night when a relative saw the cat on the news and called the family, according to the farm's Facebook page. The cat's owner texted a picture of the cat to the farm, confirming he was theirs. 

The family apparently only had the cat for six weeks and say their young son accidentally let him out. 

The farm made the cat an appointment to be neutered, and the family is planning on keeping the appointment.