A disturbing video has surfaced on YouTube that shows a teenage boy writhing on the ground after just crashing his SUV through a fence and into a truck. According to the Daily Mail, the video was uploaded by Gary Yusbashev with the caption "This teenager tried to eat me in Buffalo, NY after I got out of my car and ran over to scene of a car accident in which he drove through a fence, through a house and then into a truck. Watch as he freaks out." Reportedly the teen was high on bath salts and displayed "Zombie-like" behavior.

The six-minute video shows the aftermath of the crash as the boy is lying on the ground screaming and groaning. Yusbashev reportedly tried to help the boy but was scared after he tried to eat him. As a police officer tried to approach the boy he began to lash out and kick the cop. It eventually took seven cops to get the boy under control.

A similar incident happened last year in Miami after a homeless man, Ronald Poppo, was randomly attacked by a naked man. The man, Rudy Eugene, was allegedly high on bath salts and ate a portion of Poppo's face off. According to an autopsy report on Eugene the only drug found in his system was marijuana.

In May CBS Miami did a follow-up on Poppo who is still at Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center recovering from his injuries. Doctors told the station that he refuses to leave the hospital because of how his face looks now. The doctors said he has lost his left eye, his nose and the surrounding skin. In a video the hospital posted to YouTube, his left eye socket is now hollow, his blinded right eye is covered by a skin graft and his nose is nothing more than nostrils. Despite his appearance, Poppo has maintained an upbeat attitude and is seen in the video playing the guitar and joking with the nurses.