These sheep don't have a baaaaad gig at all!

A New Zealand winery, called Brancott Estate Wines, hired a group of 1,900 sheep to hang out in the vines every summer, reported Country Living

The "wooly workers" pluck leaves from the vine canopy to uncover the grapes on the vine, exposing them to sunlight. By doing this, they are enhancing the wine's taste, as pinot noir grapes produce the best flavors when paired with extra sunlight. 

"You'd be forgiven for thinking we're pulling the wool over your eyes," Patrick Materman, Chief Winemaker at Brancott Estate, said in a pun-filled press release. "But sheep play a vital role in preparing the vineyards for harvest."  

Using "wooly workers" is also more efficient because they're faster than humans at removing the leaves. Plus, the sheep get a tasty treat and a scenic place to stay for the day.