A seeing eye dog named Stoney became a therapy dog for students in a Spartanburg, South Carolina classroom after their Braille teacher died. 

Terrie Randolph taught at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind for more than 27 years before losing a battle to cancer in January 2013. Her husband, Harold, recently brought Terrie's golden retriever Stoney back to the school as a therapy dog to help the students, reported The Associated Press.

Mr. Randolph and Stoney are now volunteers at the school's reading program. 

"Some children are more comfortable reading to a dog especially children who are self-conscious reading in front of their classmates. Randolph and Stoney will be able to help the children relax and enjoy their reading time," wrote Robert Ward, lead teacher in the School for the Blind. 

Nancy Morgan, another teacher at the School For the Blind, said Stoney makes the children much more comfortable while reading. 

"The kids loved him. That really helped them to pay attention in Braille because they knew Stoney was listening, so he's really used to hearing children read," Morgan told AP.

The children tend to feel more confident while reading to Stoney because he is an attentive listener and they don't have the pressure of a teacher looking over their shoulder. 

Mr. Randolph told AP he thinks his wife would be really happy to see that Stoney is still going to the school to help the children.

"She spent her whole professional life helping kids and she loved kids. I'd think she would be happy about that," he said.