NBC recently announced its slate of renewals for next season with "Constantine" not being among them.

"Constantine" also didn't get a full season order with production stopping after only 13 episodes. It hasn't been officially confirmed that the show is cancelled, and fans (including myself) are certainly hoping for a second season as the show regularly trends on Twitter with the #Save Constantine hashtag.

Now, a new hope comes in form of a rumor stating NBC is considering a move. Constantine and company would jump over to SyFy (which is owned by NBC Universal) and the show would be renamed "Hellblazer."

While it might not be related, interesting enough, DC Comics announced yesterday that its "Constantine" monthly comic will be renamed "Constantine: The Hellblazer."

Cinelinx.com mentions it's only an idea and nothing is set in stone. To me, this just sounds like a healthy dose of fanboy "wishin' and hopin,' " but I do happen to know someone who works in programming at SyFy, and that person would neither confirm nor deny this. So, it would seem that the rumor does hold some water...and the Hellblazer and his motley cast of cohorts may live to fight the good fight another day.

Currently, "Constantine" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.