Canadian woman Stephanie Karr started a dog pajamas line called Pit Bulls in Pajamas because her pit Thor couldn't stand going outside to the bathroom in the brutally cold winter weather. As her business begins to grow, Karr hopes that in addition to keeping pups warm it will help show the world how cute and lovable pit bulls really are. 

"Usually when one is out and about with their pit bull - naked or without PJs on - people recognize them as the media has portrayed them, as vicious dogs, and walk around or avoid them," Karr explained to Huffington Post

"But while when out with their pajamas on, people see the pajamas first - 'Aw, that's so cute. What type of dog?' By then the dog has made contact via kisses and more kisses and butt wiggling, tail wagging. This helps with demystifying the bad dog image, once people see that inside all that muscle is really a big slobbery dog full of love."

The pajamas come in several different designs from superheros to more feminine prints such as ladybugs and cupcakes starting at $25. 

Although the name of her business is Pit Bulls in Pajamas, she carries pajamas for all different breeds. 

"The design isn't specific to pit bulls. Just started that way, cause my boy was so wimpy here in Canada," Karr told HuffPost. 

Karr even creates custom designed pajamas for dogs with only three legs, according to her Kickstarter page where she is raising money to make doggie pajamas her full-time endeavor as her business expands. 

Designed originally for pit bulls, Karr has high hopes that the pajamas will help allieviate the negative stigma about "aggressive" pit bulls. 

Judging by these adorable pit pics, she may just be on to something!