Everyone is aware of how cool and hip it is to live in Brooklyn. Is Bigfoot getting in on the action? According to a report from The Brooklyn Paper, it just might be.

The website caught up with a videographer who calls himself Russell Strark, a Fort Green, Brooklyn native, who has footage of Bigfoot wandering around the Prospect Park Zoo in the city's snowstorm last week.

Seconds into the video, a creature looking like it can be Bigfoot enters from the left side of the snowy forest setting. It begins to dig into the snow before abruptly stopping and continuing to walk, eventually out of the camera's range.

"I don't know what it is, but it looks like Bigfoot," Strark told The Brooklyn Paper. "I don't know what to say, man, I've never seen something like this."

Strark said he is in the middle of launching a YouTube channel that focuses on time-lapse videos. In preparation for the channel, he set up multiple cameras to get footage of snowy Prospect Park. Lucky for him, it taped what he believes really can be Bigfoot. He notes in a comment on the video that the footage is from "around 6:45 in the morning" and that the park had been closed for going on 12 hours due to the weather.

"I think it's his posture, and the way he doesn't have on anything that looks like a mask or a jacket," Strark said. "He's covered in hair and looks like he's scavenging around. I don't think it's just some bum."

The Brooklyn Paper did note that it is skeptical about Strark's identity. The site investigated and found that the Bigfoot video is Strark's only one on YouTube. Also, the site's search for Strark across social media platforms and the white pages came up empty.

Be on the lookout for Bigfoot in your favorite coffee shops and dive bars, Brooklynites.