Four Florida men found themselves behind bars after they were found dozed off inside a tiny car full of dear carcasses- all the result of an illegal hunting spree that began with a bonfire.

The four adult men and four deer carcasses were found crammed into a yellow Mini Cooper by officers responding to an Orange County resident's 911 call, who said she heard gunshots sometime after 3 a.m. on Jan. 21, WKMG reported.

"That is crazy," another neighbor, John Block, told the station. "My first thought was it must have been a stretch MINI Cooper because there's no way it was a MINI Cooper."

Deer hunting is currently out of season.

The poaching spree allegedly began when the men attended a bonfire party the night before. They left the party, went on a joy ride and shot down three deer before running over a fourth, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission report.

The driver "purposely sped up and ran over" a buck when the car got "stuck on top of the buck deer and stalled."

But instead of leaving the scene, the men opted for some shut-eye inside the car with the deer in the back of the two-door vehicle. 

"I think that's just overkill," Bock jokingly told the station.

Marijuana was also found inside the car, Orange County sheriffs said.

Two of the alleged poachers have been identified as Ronnie Doby of Haines City and Thomas Vanzant from Lake Alfred, WKMG reported. They are expected to appear in court next month.