Yahoo announced Friday, that it will be integrating the Flickr photo sharing service into Yahoo mail making it easier for users to share photos

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer may have a lot up her sleeves and in an endless effort to see Yahoo as the leading internet giant, the revamp continues. After several upgrades within the company, Meyer brings a new way to share photos via email by directly accessing Flickr, the popular photo-sharing service acquired by Yahoo.

In recent news, Yahoo retired 15-year-old search engine AltaVista and three other services including Yahoo! Axis and Yahoo! BrowserPlus plug-ins and the Citizen Sports portal, which were a part of Yahoo for less than three years.

In a Yahoo! Blog post Friday, Joe Covalesky, Yahoo Mail Principal Engineer, said that Yahoo Mail will feature a new option "Share from Flickr," that will give users access to the Flickr site directly from their mail. To further simplify the process, if a user is not registered on Flickr photo sharing service and wants to share a photo directly from the mail, he/she can select "Share from Flickr" and sign up without having to leave his/her Mail.

Furthermore, Yahoo has introduced a new option into Search where users can set alerts for keywords with the latest Yahoo! Search Alerts and stay in the loop with their favorite topics, Bhawana Katiyar, Yahoo! Search Product Manager, said in a Yahoo! Blog post. Yahoo will notify users via an email every time the topic appears on the web.

Since Meyer's appointment as CEO of the company last year, Yahoo has been revamped with several upgrades including changes to Yahoo email service, home page and now Flickr. Meyer made the headlines when she bought the trendy blogging service Tumbler and acquired several mobile start-ups for the company's new mobile-first program.