Celtics coach Doc Rivers reportedly dislikes guard Rajon Rondo, and it's why he wants out of Boston. The Los Angeles Clippers became a preferred destination for Rivers after he and Rondo almost got into a physical altercation, Chris Sheridan of Sheridanhoops.com reports.

Speculation suggested Rivers wanted out of Boston because he didn't want part of the rebuilding process if veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett leave. Sheridan, however, gave another reason in an interview with Bill Lekas of SiriusMadDog Radio.

"Doc Rivers does not like Rajon Rondo. This is the No. 1 thing that's driving Doc out of there," Sheridan said. "He's sick of coaching Rajon Rondo. Rajon is a bad locker room guy.

"Rajon threw an f-bomb, an f-you bomb at Doc in the locker room, and Doc went after him, and they were going to have a fistfight if it wasn't broken up by the rest of the team. That's why Doc wants out of Boston."

Rondo, who tore his ACL in January and missed the rest of the season, is considered the Celtics' main trade asset. Sheridan, however, said in his interview that most teams don't want Rondo because the guard is "impossible to deal with" and is a "head case."

The trade that would have sent Rivers and veteran Kevin Garnett to the Clippers is dead again, according to Yahoo! Sports. Rivers was reportedly unhappy with the Clippers' unwillingness to give the Celtics a first round pick; he asked his agent to tell the Clippers that he is no longer interested in the coaching job.

Rivers is said to be thinking about his future with the Celtics over the weekend, and he should have an answer this week.