There have been scores of TV shows and documentaries about life on the road or in the studio with a musical artist or band. The award-winners of these types of shows depict both the glitter and the grime of the music business. The new AXS-TV show "Discovering Lucy Angel" falls into the elite category of a show that puts the spotlight on the good, the bad and the downright funny moments of a talented country music trio trying to make their mark.

The debut installment of the 13-episode series airs Tuesday night (Jan. 13) at 9 p.m. EST on AXS-TV. Lucy Angel is an up-and-coming trio made up of sisters Lindsay Anderton and Emily Anderton and their mother, Kate. It's the patriarch Doug 'G-Man' Anderton that's the star of this first episode, however. "I work to keep the family out of the bread line," he says early on, reports Billy Dukes of Taste of Country.

In the first episode viewers meet Lucy Angel and family in their Nashville home as they rehearse and prepare for the biggest gig of their lives: A live performance in front of 100,000 NASCAR fans at the Pocono Raceway. Well... at least that's what G-Man has the rest of his family believing. The family members are used to G-Man's exuberance and hyperbole when it comes to all things Lucy Angel, so they are taking Dad's fan count with a grain of salt.

Hilarity takes center stage when G-Man tries to get his family packed up and on the road to Pocono. Traveling with any large family is challenging but when half of the family is a musical group and the other half help manage the group, it can mean disorganized chaos on a whole new level.

Getting the Pocono Raceway is challenging. The three ladies, G-Man and a familial entourage all pile into one vehicle (after considerable delay) and head for the airport. Once at the hotel, there's confusion about their rooms. This is followed by troubles during soundcheck and considerable bickering between mom, dad, brothers and sisters.

Sneak a peak at the reality series "Discovering Lucy Angel" below

"Crazy Too" is the trio's new single, but viewers don't find that out during Episode 1, taped last June in Nashville and Long Pond, Pa.

Check out Lucy Angel's "Crazy Too" single below.