BlackBerry and NantHealth introduced a new health hub at CES in Las Vegas that they plan on using to help cure diseases.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of NantHealth, said at the trade show that the supercomputer, called HBox, will provide a genomic signal for analyzing the user's blood, cancer and other diseases, and will contact the doctor's BlackBerry cellphone about what is wrong, according to PC Magazine.

"Imagine us having an ability like Google Maps, but to browse every single human patient's genome, find the abnormal letter in real-time, and tell the doctor what treatment is to be given," Soon-Shiong said.

The HBox will keep track of the user's fitness, diet and medication while sending text alerts to patients to make sure they take their medicine.

BlackBerry isn't the only major company looking to study people's health, as IBM's Watson Group announced in November that it is investing in Pathway Genomics to create the first cognitive consumer app that analyzes your genetic makeup, PC Magazine reported.

A BlackBerry is needed for the HBox to work since the Canadian wireless carrier offers healthcare law-compliant data.

"We're about to launch 100,000 patients with pre-hypertension or hypertension ... we'll actually capture their weight, blood pressure, heart-rate and medication in real time, through the health box," Soon-Shiong said.