Fuel3D introduced Monday at the International CES in Las Vegas a new 3D scanner that aims to make capturing 3D images much easier for non-experts in the field. 

The device, called Scanify, is equipped with pre-calibrated stereo cameras to allow it to capture images quickly while cutting the blur that might pop up when the person in a photo moves, according to Mashable. Pictures of faces can be taken in less than a second, which could make the device the world's first point-and-shoot 3D scanner.

Taking 3D images of other surfaces and putting them together in Scanify's software will allow users to capture more of the subject in their photos. You can scan images of just about anything and share these images on SketchFab and other online 3D image-sharing platforms before printing them out.

3D printing is only one potential use for Scanify, as its ability to transform real-world objects into high-quality 3D models in a quick and cheap manner means it could serve as a new tool for animators and game developers trying to create animated worlds, Digital Trends reported.

"When we set out to create Scanify, our goal was to democratize the 3D movement for consumers and, in particular, to allow for the personalization of their creations," said Stuart Mead, CEO of Fuel3D. "Scanify allows consumers to transform highly-complex subjects- such as the human face- into high-detail, full-color 3D scans as quickly as they could take a photo using a digital camera."

All you have to do to capture high-quality images is hold Scanify's two handles, point it at the subject and slowly move around the subject, Mashable reported.

Those who want to take 3D selfies can pre-order Scanify now for $1,490, with shipping expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015.