Teen superstar Miley Cyrus just released the music video for her new single, "We Can't Stop," a blend of strange and provocative imagery centered around an imagined wild night out with friends. The new video includes scenes of fingers being cut off and pink "blood" pouring out, giant dancing teddy bears, Cyrus "twerking" with friends and cutting off a paper house arrest ankle bracelet with giant scissors.

In the new video, Cyrus sports a shaved short haired look and wears shades and a white play-suit among other skimpy outfits. "It's our party we can do what we want to," Cyrus sings in the track, a theme of bravado and individualism pervasive throughout the song and video. The track is her newest single since "Who Owns My Heart" off of her 2010 record "Can't Be Tamed" with Hollywood Records, Cyrus's first musical attempt to break from her Disney persona.

Cyrus left Disney's Hollywood Records and signed to RCA while overriding her squeaky tween queen image as the lovable Hanna Montana.

Cyrus's new party anthem has been the subject of some controversy, as some fans and concerned parents have criticized the lyrics for its drug references ("Everyone in line in the bathroom/trying to get a line in the bathroom") and the line "dancing with Miley" that many feels sounds purposefully similar to "dancing with molly," a reference to the street drug MDMA. Others have criticized the young star for her sudden image overhaul and comments on wanting a "black" sound to her music, according to Vibe.

"When you listen to the Miley Cyrus record that we did, it's not ratchet but it definitely has a lot of urban feel to it," songwriter Timothy Thomas said to Vibe on the new single. "She was like, 'I want urban, I just want something that just feels Black.

"We originally wrote ["We Can't Stop"] for Rihanna and we wounded up giving it to Miley," Timothy said. "We felt like this could be somebody's first single. We knew it wasn't going to be Rihanna's because at the time she already had "Diamonds." We didn't know who to give it to and Mike WILL was like 'I'm in with Miley. I want to play it for her because I think this will be dope for her.' We said okay let's do."

Recently Cyrus has been voted as one of the worst celebrity role models in a parental poll by Coupons4Codes.com, coming in at 68 percent of votes by 2,407 parents.

Despite criticism surrounding her new music and image, Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" was voted Song of the Summer by Ryan Seacrest, with fellow former Disney star Selena Gomez following behind with her new single "Come & Get It." In addition to lyrics about partying, Cyrus also sings inspiring lyrics such as "only God can judge us."