At the conclusion of the two-day G8 summit in Northern Ireland global economic leaders issued a joint communiqué vowing full support for a political solution to the Syrian civil war but Tibet advocates felt excluded from the joint communiqué.

"A number of G8 countries say they are committed to seeking a political solution for Tibet. But when? If a conference for Syria can be 'strongly' supported, surely the G8 can also give support to the Tibetan people who have suffered occupation for over 60 years, increasing economic marginalisation and brutal repression, and yet continue to steadfastly conduct a non-violent campaign for justice," said Tenzin Jime of the International Tibet Network in an email statement to Head Lines And Global News.

"What message does this convey to peoples with grievances? That you get noticed only if you embark on armed conflict?" questioned the Tibet rights advocate.

Despite disagreement on certain issues including President Obama's nod to arm Syrian rebels, the leaders of the world's richest nations at the end of the summit managed to issue the joint statement in a bid to bring a political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria.

 "We remain committed to achieving a political solution to the crisis based on a vision for a united, inclusive and democratic Syria," said the G8 statement.

Russia has been supplying arms to the Assad government in its fight against the rebels and the U.S. government recently announced that it will provide direct military support to the Syrian rebels citing that the military forces under President Assad had crossed the "redline" by using chemicals weapons against the rebels in the country.

However, now both Russia and the U.S. are trying to arrange a so-called Geneva 2 peace talks to put the transitional government plan in motion, a move hammered out last year in Geneva.

"We strongly endorse the decision to hold as soon as possible the Geneva Conference on Syria," said the leaders in the statement.

According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian war and 102 Tibetans  have died of self-immolations in recent months in Tibet - both causes aimed at overthrowing their respective regimes.