The latest in music is, yes, out of this world.

Two months ago, NASA uploaded decades of sound samples to SoundCloud, including rockets launching, astronaut transmissions and various space noises. Even historic moments are available, like President John F. Kennedy's speech promising, "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade."

Two musicians happened upon the NASA sound libraries and recruited colleagues to create a musical collaboration, according to Rolling Stone. Davide Cairo and Giacomo Muzzacato recently released 80UA, a four-song EP that remixes the space sounds into dance tracks.

The musicians were allowed to use the samples from NASA - but only the samples from NASA. The sounds could be twisted and altered. For example, the noises from the Kepler space observatory spacecraft were transformed into a bass line, according to Rolling Stone.

80UA was shared by Bad Panda Records as a free download during the 12th anniversary of Creative Commons earlier this month, according to Rolling Stone.

"I think it's really crazy to be able to listen to the sounds that do not really exist," Muzzacato, who records under the name Yakamoto Kotzuga, told the Creators Project. "Especially if they come from light-years away. Space has always been fascinating to me, and I believe that this discovery represents the highest point of human evolution."

Dance it out, Earthlings.