Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has a name for the college practice of taking certain drugs to pull all nigh study sessions, according to CBS New York. “That’s sort of academic doping,” said Schumer.

According to the senator as much as 35 percent of college students take ADHD pills such as Adderall and Ritalin. The crackdown, he said, is the responsibility of the institutions the students attend. He has asked colleges to keep a closer eye on students looking to receive Adderall and similar drugs.

“For somebody to call up and say ‘well, my doctor prescribed it at home, send me pills, here’s the prescription number…’ that’s not good enough,” said Schumer. “If a student gets 100 or 200 Adderall pills, even if they are legitimately entitled, they may lend a bunch to their friends.”

He suggested campus health departments research the issue and come up with ways to control it. If they are not able to, they should stop prescribing the drugs all together.

“We want SUNY and our private colleges to start being careful when it comes to these drugs,” said the senator. The drugs can produce side effects such as anxiety, depression and psychosis.

According to Schumer, the following are some possibly guidelines:

If the student is diagnosed at an on-campus health clinic:

The student must sign a contract and submit to follow-ups with the clinic

The student must submit educational, medical, and psychological history

If the student is diagnosed off-campus and wants a refill for their prescription:

The student must receive a mental health examination by a registered and qualified professional

The student must also provide verification of their condition from a parent or guardian

Schumer also suggested students get workshops and advice on time management, the addictiveness of the drugs and the possible side-effects the drugs could have.