A northwestern Indiana man died from multiple bite wounds allegedly inflicted by his own pet pit bull Christmas day. 

Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris said the man had several bite marks on his arms and face, which resulted in severe blood loss, according to WSBT Local News.

Edward Cahill, 40, was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after his girlfriend, Bianca Rodriguez, found his body in their Portage home, 50 miles west of South Bend.

Police said there were two pit bulls in the home. Harris said one showed aggressive behavior when given a bone. Police had the dog removed from the home.

A police officer tasered the pit bull because an animal control officer could not get the trap line around the dog's neck, The Examiner reported.

The Hobart Humane Society euthanized the dog, which Cahill's girlfriend had supposedly told Cahill to do many times.

Rodriguez told police that "Fat Boy," the pit bull, had acted aggressively and unpredictably in the past, especially when he had a toy in his mouth.

"Fat Boy" had previously bitten Cahill and his girlfriend's son, and Cahill had given rawhide bones to his two 8-year-old pit bulls Christmas morning.

Harris said the other pit bull, Keylo, was not a part of the attack. He said "Fat Boy" was the only one that could reach Cahill.