The creators of the QuadH2o quadcopter have developed a new drone designed to shoot video in the air as well as underwater.

This quadcopter, called HexH2o, is designed with an epoxy fiber/carbon fiber body that is waterproof and can float, and is the Thailand-based company's original creation, according to Gizmag. As a result, users can fly the drone out to anywhere in calm water, land it, record anything they see, and take off to another spot.

However, several advantages are found in the HexH2o over the QuadH2o, such as its larger body, which comes with a DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal that users can mount their GoPro cameras on. Users will be able to obtain footage above and below the water by remotely tilting the Zenmuse up and down, while the camera on the QuadH2o only has an underwater view.

Other benefits of the new quadcopter include its abundance of props/motors that reassure it will continue to fly if one of them fails, as well as an internal fan and heat sinks mounted on the outside that help the drone avoid getting too hot while flying around, Gizmag reported.

The HexH2o's folding carbon fiber prop arms make the machine easier to fix and transport, with additional features including DJI motors and props, along with a GPS-augmented Naza V2 flight control system. The drone's dual 6,500-mAh lithium-polymer batteries allow it to stay in flight for 25 minutes on a single charge.

Drone fans can preorder the HexH2o now for US$3,658 plus shipping, which includes the RF remote control unit, as well as a kit that has the main body components and electronics for $895, Gizmag reported. One of the QuadH2o owners said preorders will be accepted starting in the second week of January, and the company will begin shipping the drones starting three to four weeks later.