Twitter has updated its app for iPhone with a feature that will finally let you see if your tweets are getting the attention you hoped they'd attract.

The feature, called Twitter Analytics, made its debut on Monday and will allow users to see the amount of impressions their tweets get, according to Techie News. Users will also be able to find out how many clicks, expansions, retweets and engagement highlights their posts have.

All iPhone owners have to do to access tweet analytics is click on one of their tweets to get to the Tweet Details page and tap View Tweet Activity to look at information. This feature will only be available to users if they have the latest version of the Twitter app, and they can update the app from the Settings menu or from the App Store.

Twitter Analytics can serve as a beneficial tool not only for people who want to make sure other users are engaging with their tweets about themselves, their jobs or their companies, but also for companies and advertisers so they know their tweets about their products and services are getting enough attention from their audience, CNET reported.

With total impressions, users will see how many times people read their tweets, and total engagements will show the number of retweets and favorites their tweets received. Specific percentages will also be available for favorites, retweets and clicks on the user's profile or name.

While the update is currently only available for iPhones, Twitter software engineering manager Ian Chan says the company is currently working on a version for owners of Android devices.

"Happy Holidays! We just launched mobile Tweet analytics for iOS!" Chan tweeted. "Congrats to the team!"