Seoul continues its war against Uber, this time offering cash to anyone who reports drivers for the ride-sharing service.

All these people would have to do is inform city officials of Uber drivers working illegally within the city limits of the South Korean capital, and they will receive 1 million won (just more than $900) in cash, according to CNET.

Uber gives cab hailers the ability to use an app to call and pay for rides, but the company has faced bans in the U.S. and other countries for several reasons, such as handling transactions in illegal fashions or not having required licenses. Recent allegations that two drivers, one in New Delhi and another in Boston, raped female passengers also put a dent in the company's reputation.

Despite the bans Uber faces in countries like South Korea, New Delhi, India and Spain, the app is still available in 250 cities around the world, CNET reported.

Seoul made the service illegal in September, before it was even launched in the city, saying law-enforcement officials would pretend to be customers and arrest Uber drivers. However, Uber brought its service to the city in early December and was required to obey the country's laws.

Kim Kyung-ho, head of Seoul's traffic division, pointed to several reasons for Uber being illegal in the city, such as its use of unlicensed drivers, its lack of obedience toward rules for cab rates and its inability to make sure passengers are safe, NDTV Gadgets reported.

"The city will punish drivers and rental cars that cooperate with Uber through a system of monetary rewards to return order to the transport sector," Kim warned.