A two-faced cat named Frank and Louie died at the ripe old age of 15. Frank and Louie was a Janus cat, named for the Roman god with two faces. Janus cats almost never survive, according to Telegram.com.

Frank and Louie was a Guinness World Record holder for being the world's oldest Janus cat before he passed at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton, Mass., on Thursday morning, according to Telegram.com.

Frank and Louie's human "mom" Martha "Marty" Stevens said Frank and Louie was "a little down" around Thanksgiving, and despite extra fluids, he got worse on Thursday, according to Telegram.com. Stevens rushed Frank and Louie to Tufts and then left to pull some funds together for the feline's care. When she returned, the veterinarians told her that Frank and Louie was most likely suffering from "really bad cancer." Frank and Louie was euthanized.

Although Stevens is heartbroken, she said Frank and Louie was lucky to be alive after being brought into the clinic at Tufts where Stevens worked in 1999 to be euthanized at just one day old. Janus cats often have congenital defects (like cleft palates) and are rejected by their mothers. They rarely live more than a few days.

As news spread about the cat with two faces, Stevens and other Tufts staff visited the little wonder. "I said, 'Can I try to save him?'" Stevens said, according to Telegram.com. Veterinarians warned Stevens the cat would most likely die within three or four days.

"But the next day I came in with him, and the next day, and we started thinking he was going to survive," Stevens said, according to Telegram.com. "I tube fed him until he was three months old because I was afraid he wouldn't be able to eat."

But Frank, the side that had an esophagus, learned to eat and the cat flourished. Frank and Louie had two blue eyes, a third center eye that was blind, two noses, two mouths and one brain. His most difficult health issues were being neutered and having teeth removed from Louie, which had no bottom jaw.

When Frank and Louie turned 12, Guinness declared the cat the oldest living Janus in the world. Frank and Louie was Animal Planet famous.

Stevens said she is still willing to nurse and love a Janus cat in need, should the opportunity arise, according to Telegram.com. "I would love to do it again," she said.

You can watch a 12-year-old Frank and Louie here: