Gaming peripherals company Mionix has created the world's first smart mouse, which helps you keep track of your vitals while playing games.

The device, called the NAOS QG (Quantified Gaming) is able to monitor data like the user's heart rate and galvanic skin response with help from a collection of sensors, and it then shows the data on the screen while the user is playing a game, according to SlashGear.

The company's MionixLabs team created the mouse to provide the same body-analyzing technology to gamers that athletes have used for traditional sports. 

"Gamers using the NAOS QG can even share and compare their QG states with teammates, friends and the community," the MionixLabs team said. "This opens a new dimension to how games are played, shared and professionally broadcasted."

The sensors for measuring heart rate and galvanic skin response are built into the rear of the mouse, where players will place their palm. Mionix also added hardware that measures speed, precision and other movement data, as well as clicks per minute, CNET reported. The device's software will show this information on the screen, along with acoustic warnings whenever the user's stress levels are too high.

The mouse will store all collected data for users to look at and monitor how they react to certain aspects of a game.

Mionix is giving developers the chance to add the NAOS QG's features to their software by providing free, open APIs for the device, according to CNET. The mouse's current software will work with any other software.

The company said gamers will enjoy sharing their reactions via Twitch streams while using the mouse and playing thriller and horror games.

The NAOS QG has its own Kickstarter campaign and will be available to early-bird backers for $79, SlashGear reported. The company will sell the final version for $129 and begin mass production in early June of 2015. Gamers have 38 days left to show their support.