A window washer in San Francisco's financial district fell 11 stories on Friday morning, landing on a moving car on the street below, ABC News reported. 

He survived the astonishing accident, but is is in critical condition. The incident closed off parts of the nearby roads. The driver of the car was not hurt either.

The worker landed on the driver's Toyota Camry and all, but the driver's seat and steering wheel area was caved in. Mohammad Al Cozai, the driver of the car, barely escaped serious injury and said he was very confused initially.

"As soon as I made my left turn, then I saw something hit my car very hard. The impact was really hard. I didn't know what it is," Al Cozai said.

Witnesses ran to help the situation after the man fell into the street after hitting the car. Bianca Bahman, who saw what happened, said she ran for cover when she saw his shadow coming down on her.

"As he was coming down, he was definitely screaming," Bahman, 31, a pre-medical student at San Francisco State University who was on her way to the gym, said. "It all happened so quickly. It was so instantaneous."

Police only identified the man as a window washer and was working on the roof of a bank in the city's downtown area. He was not on a window-washing mechanism when he fell, according to Sand Francisco police. The man was working with a coworker, and since the platform was found nearby, it's unclear if they were trying to set it up at the time of the fall.

Sam Hartwell, 56, said he was attending a meeting at the building the man fell from and saw something coming out of the sky, ABC 11 reported.

"I heard the loud thud and the shattering of the back of the car," he said. "At that point, I realized it was a body," Hartwell said.

The man was an employee at Concord, a Century Window Cleaning wing in California, according to Peter Melton, a spokesperson for the California State Division of Occupational Safety and Health.