A 15-pound Dachshund named Daisy fought off a 200-pound bear who was attempting to attack her family last week. 

The bear showed up in the garage at a Florida home as Krystal Long was bringing groceries inside her house. The bear tried to attack Krystal and her 5-year-old son before Daisy intervened.

"She protected us," Long wrote on a GoFundMe page set up by her co-worker Christina Isbell. "She was hurt very badly. Broken ribs, so many lacerations. She has had to be put under twice once to repair all the wounds and for them to put three drain tubes in and just yesterday due to a drain tube complication. She has so many stitches all over. Words can't express my gratitude to her for saving our lives. She is my dachshund hero!!! Please pray for her recovery."

The GoFundMe account was set up by Isbell to raise money to help pay veterinary bills for Daisy. It only took eight days to raise the money. 

"We raised enough for Daisy's bill and for a few doggie treats," Isbell wrote Sunday on the GoFundMe page. "God bless everyone and thank you so much!!"