A teenage boy from Arkansas has been arrested after taking police on a car chase after driving to a state road test facility without a license, according to Reuters.

The Jonesboro Sun reports 19-year-old Damontay Wright was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of felony fleeing, Reuters reported.

The teen showed up to take the test at the Arkansas State Police facility in Jonesboro, according to Reuters.

According to police, he then fled the office and drove away after a driver's license examiner told officers the teen drove himself there without a license, Reuters reported.

Police also said he hit a patrol car on his way out, causing about $6,500 in damages, according to Reuters.

The chase ended when the suspect crashed into a home, Reuters reported. The vehicle broke through the wall of the house, which caused about $20,000 in damages, but caused no injuries.

State and local officers chased the teen in a high-speed pursuit when Wright attempted to navigate an intersection, but lost control of his car and plowed into the residence, according to the police reports.

Wright was not injured and was taken to jail and on charges of felony fleeing, and police said the license plate on Wright's car had been reported stolen, Reuters reported.

Bill Sadler, spokesman for the Arkansas State Police said the next available date the teen could take his drivers test "will be addressed when he's released from jail and any fines paid," according to Reuters.