Polish law enforcement arrested almost 300 people Tuesday in clashes with nationalists as they marched in yet another violent Independence Day celebration, RT.com reported.

Armed with firecrackers and rocks, the assailants pelted their weapons at police officers as they marched through the capital Warsaw, making their way across a bridge to Poland's national soccer stadium.

Others ripped up benches from a bus station and threw them at the cops, Reuters reported. More demonstrations with firecrackers occurred at the soccer stadium as nationalists celebrated Poland's independence following World War I.

Police in protective gear used water cannons to push the rioters back across the bridge, which lies over the Vistula River. At least 276 demonstrators were arrested, with some arrests documented on social media along with the rioting.

At least 23 officers and 24 demonstrators were wounded, RT.com reported.

Tens of thousands turned out for the annual march, which was arranged by extremist nationalist organizations such as the Radical Camp and the All-Polish Youth.

Though Poland has flourished in recent years, many feel the nation is doing away with traditional values like same-sex marriage and bans on abortion in favor of the European Union's progressive ideals, Reuters reported. 

Protesters were heard shouting "Down with the European Union!" at the beginning of the march.

This is the fourth time in the march's seven years that clashes with police took place. Last year, nationalists threw firecrackers and bottles at the Russian embassy, forcing police to use rubber bullets and pepper spray to quell the rioters.

Poland was divided between Russia, Prussia and the Habsburg Empire (Austria) for over a century before it gained its independence in 1918.