Would the Los Angeles Lakers ever consider trading superstar Kobe Bryant to the Washington Wizards?  Sam Smith of Bulls.com believes the Lakers should in exchange for shooting guard Bradley Beal and veteran Nene.

The Lakers appear destined for the NBA lottery, which has analysts believing Bryant should ask for a trade in order to play out the final years of his career on a playoff-caliber team.  While many of those analysts believe Bryant should reunite with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher in New York, Smith is the lone voice who believes Bryant should go to Washington.

"...Lakers' management would have to jump at a chance for a young star to accelerate their rebuilding.  Which is why Kobe to the Wizards may be the one," Smith wrote Monday.  "The Wizards have a young, potential star shooting guard in Bradley Beal.  You can build with a player like him.  Then you give the Lakers Nene and another play since the Wizards have plenty of guys they're not much using to include in a trade.

"For the Wizards, it's the chance to take a shot, which they really don't have now.  With the addition of Paul Pierce, the Wizards are about now.  Adding someone like Kobe with Pierce, John Wall and Marcin Gortat gives them a shot at the top of the weak East.

"And how sweet would it be for Kobe to go where Michael Jordan couldn't win and get somewhere?  Kobe's not getting that sixth title.  Maybe besting Jordan that way would appeal to him."

While the trade does make sense for the Lakers, it doesn't make sense for the Wizards, whose team is being built around Beal and point guard John Wall.  Bryant has also spoken about his desire to finish his career as a Laker, something which would make it a PR nightmare for the franchise if they tried trading him.