The “Supergirl” casting is underway at CBS with the help of “Arrow” and “The Flash” officials.

David Rapaport Casting is helping producer Greg Berlanti find their new heroine, and shared an image on their official Twitter to confirm their involvement. The casting company also helped the CW network (partially owned by CBS) to find the leads for the live action DC series “Arrow” and “The Flash”.

However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about Supergirl crossing over into other DC television series, even with Berlanti behind all three shows.

Speaking of Supergirl, the CW’s former Kara Zor-El Laura offered some advice for the next actress to put on her red boots during an interview with IGN at New York Comic Con 2014.

“Make sure you have some Nike soles in there so you can run,” Vandervoort said. “Just make it your own. Everyone has an idea about how she should be, which I was concerned about her when I played her.

“But when you find a way to relate to her then bring in your own self into it I think people appreciate. You can’t make everything the same, so make it your own.”

Vandervoot told IGN she is still bombarded with questions about possibly reprising her role as Supergirl, which she claims is unlikely to happen. However, she would like to make a cameo in the series.

“I saw a lot of Twitter comments when that was happening. People wanted me to play Supergirl and, you know, I don’t know what their plan is for it. I wish them well and maybe I can show up on it at some point,” the actress told IGN.