Those worried about a zombie apocalypse becoming a reality will be happy to hear that there's a bicycle out there designed for such a scenario.

ETA, an insurance company in the U.K., has introduced its anti-zombie mountain bike that comes with an electric chainsaw similar to the one from the "Evil Dead" movie franchise, according to CNET. Other weapons provided for fighting off the undead include a flamethrower and smoke grenades, as well as a hatchet for when you run out of ammo.

The bike also comes with a splatter shield so riders can avoid getting covered in zombie parts.

ETA said its bike will be more reliable than cars once the world is full of zombies, CNET reported.

"Bicycles are already the quickest way to get around town, but the chronic shortage of oil following a zombie apocalypse will render cars all but useless, so bikes will be the only way for survivors to travel," the company said.

The zombie-proof bike, which makes its debut on the eve of Halloween, is the latest product to be created to fight off these monsters, with others including an anti-zombie emergency cabinet and a zombie-proof log cabin.