Tesla has come up with a new leasing policy that reduces monthly lease payments by up to 25 percent, giving more reasons to its U.S. fans to order the Model S all-electric sedan.

Tesla Motors, the renowned luxury electric car making company, is partnering with US Bank to offer its flagship sedan, Model S, under a new leasing program. In an official company blog post, billionaire CEO of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, writes the new leasing program for U.S. customers brings convenience and cost savings while purchasing the new all-electric sedan. Additionally, Tesla ensures complete peace of mind with its 3 months return policy.

"Leasing now also comes with the Tesla happiness guarantee. If you don't like our car for any reason in the first three months, you can just return it and your remaining lease obligation is waived," Musk wrote. "The only catch is that you can't then immediately lease another Model S. Upgrading early is no problem if you want to do that, but there is a pass-through fee to cover the new vs used value difference."

The new leasing program offered by US Bank helps reduce the monthly lease payments by as much as 25 percent on the Model S sedan. Available in three variants, the base model with 60kWh battery is offered at approx. $777 per month, excluding the state incentives. The monthly lease payments change with higher specs, like the 85kWh battery and 85kWh performance variant, which comes with greater horsepower.

Customers can place order for a new Tesla Model S from the company's official website, the only car maker that promotes direct-consumer-sales. The official website, dubbed as Design Studio, will allow buyers to choose the body paint color, modify interiors, and make changes to the roof and wheels. Tesla's newly launched all-wheel drive Model S sedan is displayed in the online store but the company will start deliveries only in February.  

The new leasing program for Model S is available in all major states including Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee among others. For details on lease, loan and cash orders for the Model S, head over to TeslaMotors.com.