On a bad date? Just click your heels!

Faster than you can say, "There's no place like home," you'll get a call from a fake number, allowing you to murmur apologies and skedaddle.

It's all due to the Dorothy prototype, named after the lost-yet-oh-so-determined heroine of the "Wizard of Oz," according to Popular Science.

Dorothy is a small Bluetooth-type device (the "ruby") that attaches to your shoe and communicates with a smart phone app. You can set the number of heel clicks required for each function, like sending a set list of contacts your exact location in case of an unsafe situation, according to iStrategy Labs' webpage.

Dorothy will soon be able to call Über or "automatically order your favorite pizza," according to iStrategy Labs.

The prototype is about the size of a mini chocolate bar, according to Popular Science, but iStrategy Labs is working on making a version that will be a third of the size and built into an insole.