Marvel Studios will hold an invitation-only press event this Tuesday in Los Angeles, and there are rumors of big news being announced there, according to Business Insider. Comic blogs are reportedly among the invitees, as well as certain fans.

There is no telling for certain what will announced, but that has not stopped the rumors from circulating. Among these rumors are:

- An extended movie release schedule

While Marvel has movie releases planned through 2028, only planned releases through 2019 are currently known. This could be an opportunity to one-up both DC and Warner in the same move, given the released list of Warner Bros./DC films announced for up through 2020.

- The "Doctor Strange" movie announcement

The film is reportedly slated for release in 2016, but very little is known otherwise. Casting rumors have circulated recently regarding several top-grade actors being eyed to play the lead role following Joaquin Phoenix's dropping out of negotiations.

- An update on "Captain America 3"

Variety reported recently that Robert Downey Jr. is "on the verge" of signing on to "Captain America 3" to appear alongside Chris Evans. However, the film has no title as of yet.

- A super-heroine movie announcement

Ever since Warner Bros. announced it was making a "Wonder Woman" film, the ball has been in Marvel's court, getting hotter with anticipation.

- "Iron Man 4"

During an appearance on the "Ellen Show" in September, Downey confirmed that talks for "Iron Man 4" were underway, only to tell David Letterman a month later that this is not the case, Business Insider reported. Naturally, this has confused many fans, blogs, etc., so it would be a good idea to make it completely clear.

Whatever big news Marvel has up its sleeve will be revealed at the event on Tuesday, but it is certain that there is no shortage of topics for invitees to ask about and for Marvel to address.