Toyota is recalling more than 1.6 million vehicles worldwide following reports of three separate defects involving the brake master cylinder.

Toyota, the world's largest car making company, announced a voluntary recall of more than 1.6 million vehicles in Japan and some other countries. The recall affects various Toyota models including Crown Majesta, Crown, Noah, Voxy, Corolla Rumion, Auris and several other Lexus models with  three separate defects involving the brake master cylinder that impact the ability to stop the vehicles in motion.

According to Toyota, 1.05 million vehicles werer sold in its home country and the rest can be found overseas,Reuters reported. The Japanese car making giant responded to an email sent by the publication where it said there were no reports of any crashes, injuries or deaths related to the issue.

One of the three defects in the latest recall announced on Wednesday, involves nearly 802,000 Crown Majesta, Crown, Noah and Voxy models manufactured between June 2007 and June 2012. In these vehicles, the car dealerships will replace a rubber seal ring in the brake master cylinder to stop the brake fluid leakage or replace the brake booster if the brake fluid is completely dried out, the report added.

Toyota's recall also affects 190,000 front-wheel drive Corolla Rumion and Auris models in Japan manufactured between October 2006 and October 2014. The missing idling feature will be added to these vehicles in order to fix a defective fuel evaporative emission control unit.

Finally, nearly 759,000 vehicles will undergo a repair to fix faulty fuel delivery pipes. Most of these vehicles, nearly 423,000, are found in the United States, and the defect can result in a fire due to fuel leakage.  

In a separate report, fuel leakage in old Lexus vehicles has also prompted Toyota to recall 1,880 vehicles in China. As a fix to the problem, the car maker will replace the pipeline gasket.

The latest recall adds to the record-setting recalls issued by various car makers in the auto industry, starting with GM's  ignition switch fiasco. Toyota's second-largest recall was in April, when the car maker recalled 6.39 vehicles globally and another 2.3 million vehicles in June.