A 10-year-old child's fingers were cut off with an ax after her playdate wanted to make a satanic sacrifice, The Mirror reported on Monday. 

Alena Skrivankova, 15, and Jitka Svehlova, 10, both of the Czech Republic, went into the woods after telling their parents they wanted to go outside to play. As soon as they were under the cover of the brush, Alena bound Jitka to a tree, took an axe out of her backpack and severed Jitka's fingers.

According to police, she was able to escape and her parents immediately called for help. When authorities arrived at the scene, Alena had the axe in one hand and the fingers in the other. She was taken to a hospital to have her mental health assessed. 

"This is a deeply disturbing case," a police spokesman said, according to Standard Media.

In a similar case in the United States, a man in North Carolina named Pazuzu Algarad was arrested for sacrificing animals as a Satanic ritual. He was busted with two carcasses in his back yard and was described as being possessed by an eyewitness. His wife allegedly sacrificed another animal in October 2009, and Algarad has been accused of killing a person in July of the same year.

After investigating the property, filled with peeled-off wallpaper and scribbled with Satan swastikas, police declared it as unsafe for human life.

"Usually on a full moon, they sacrificed at least one rabbit, and then he would eat the heart of it, and then burn the flesh of the rabbit," the eyewitness said, according to the Inquisitr.