It was supposed to be a nice soccer game for charity, involving amputees from both the Netherlands and Belgium. Some may have even called it a friendly. However, all the niceties went out the window after a 20-person brawl—including both the amputees and spectators—broke out in the middle of the game, according to

The fight broke out after one player tripped another. As the player who had been tripped fell to the ground, he brought his assailant with him. Then things quickly escalated.

Many people ran to the site of the incident but instead of breaking it up, amputees—as well as people who had full use of all their limbs—began to throw punches, push one another, and throw people in chokeholds. Fists and crutches were flying everywhere.

One man even looked like he had been watching Mixed Martial Arts bouts as he Superman kicked another spectator in the back causing the individual to trip and fall.

Officials attempted to stop the fight but were overpowered as more and more people joined in.

The video has been picked up by many websites, according to

On the Bleacher Report’s “Swagger” page, Columnist Dan Carson says the viewer’s reaction to the video “probably goes something like this:

1.       What?

2.       There’s one-legged soccer?

3.       Is this real?

4.       That’s insane.

5.       They’re fighting?

6.       Oh my God they’re fighting.

7.       *Head explodes*”


Deadspin also joined in on the fun, captioning the video, “Belgium. The Netherlands. One leg. No mercy."


You can watch a portion of the brawl below: