A former presidential candidate made headlines when he attended Jack McCain's wedding in San Francisco last weekend; and surprisingly it wasn't father of the groom John McCain. Mitt Romney was in attendance at the rehearsal dinner and created quite the hubbub after Meghan McCain tweeted a picture of the normally reserved Romney, reports the Daily Mail. 

After years of seeing the former governor of Massachusetts in drab, dark suits and red ties it was a bit of a shock when people saw Romney clad in a garish Hawaiian shirt with symbols of Americana and a hula girl on it. Romney completed the look with a kukui nut necklace.

As out of place as Romney looked in his clothes it was the look on his face that seemed far more alien; Romney appears to be having a great time. For much of his presidential campaign, and certainly in the months since its demise, the Republican leader consistently looked dour.

Meghan McCain essentially live tweeted the lavish event allowing the public to get a glimpse of how the Republican power family lets their hair down. The sister of the groom may have gotten a little carried away in documenting the celebration; she was also physically carried away past the T-Rex skeleton guarding the entrance to the California Academy of Sciences while clutching a glass of white wine.

John McCain tweeted a picture of himself giving a toast to the newlyweds as he stood in the middle of an impossibly long table.

Like his father Jack McCain is a pilot in the Navy. Jack is a lieutenant and a helicopter pilot while his new bride, Renee Swift, is a captain in the Air Force reserve. Apparently the two were able to put aside the rivalry between the two branches of the military when they met in Guam. After a honeymoon in Africa McCain will be redeployed back to the Pacific island, reports SFist.