In the last year, 10 alleged rapists were identified on the campus of Columbia University, but no one was punished for the crime, according to a newly released report

This was the first sexual assault report ever released to the public by the Ivy League school. Most schools don't publicly publish these reports, according to Huffington Post. 

Columbia University specifically came into the spotlight on this issue after senior Emma Sulkowicz, 21, started carrying her blue dorm mattress around campus to raise awareness for sexual assault at the university as part of her senior thesis. 

Sulkowicz claims she was raped in August 2012 (when she was a sophomore) in her dorm room by Jean-Paul Nungesser, according to Columbia Spectator.  

"Over the past year, the issue of sexual assault has gained a new level of attention and engagement on campuses around the country," Columbia Provost John Coatsworth wrote in an email to students. "We are committed to providing a national model of the best policies and practices to help ensure that members of our University community feel safe and respected. As one part of that commitment, we are publishing Columbia's first annual Report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response." 

The released report says that none of the alleged student rapist had evidence suggesting they were guilty during investigations. Four of the cases are not finished being investigated by the university.